Inspired to do good, a group of Bay Area teens decided to make a difference in their community by doing simple but meaningful “random acts of kindness” in downtown Redwood City on Friday last week. Afterward, they sent us their story…

“Today a group of us teenagers decide to go around downtown and do random acts of kindness. We gave people flowers, opened doors, and we complimented people. We did this out of the kindness of our hearts and just to encourage people.”

Kiera, Hillsdale High School student

“During our time in downtown Redwood City, we encountered a couple who introduced themselves as Claire and Nick. Our friends Mezi and Michelle generously left some extra money for the couple as well as other patrons in need of a caffeine boost. When the barista asked “Why are you doing this?” the girls confidently replied, “So that we can spread goodness across our community.” The barista responded to the girls answer with an offer for a drink free of charge. They politely declined since our goal was not to receive a reward, but to spread kindness and love.” said Michael, a fellow student from Palo Alto High School.

In a society where the bullying and bashing that goes on in high schools is sadly rising, it’s so encouraging to see teens rallying together to do good in simple ways but spreading a powerful message of “kindness and love”.

To other teens out there (as well as anyone else), we hope you carry on this spirit of “random acts of kindness” in your school, neighborhood, or community. And please share your stories with us at PDG as you go!