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Good News” articles to provide you with inspiration and hope that there is still good in the world. People from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good, and so can you!

This Cafe is Run By Teenagers with Autism

Longfellow’s cafe in England is run completely by teenagers with autism. The cafe is supported by Fosse Way School, a special needs centre, in Bath, England. Watch this video to learn about how much these teens like working there.

Making Energy From Waves

This device uses waves to create energy. These structures are 22 meters long and attached to buoys in the ocean off the Port of Pecem in Brazil. Click here to see how it works and learn about all the sustainable energy that is being produced by this genius invention.


Inclusive Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing Class

Infinite Flow is the first wheelchair ballroom class in America, which also brings people like couples onto the dance floor for the first time ever. Watch this video to see how this inclusive program is bringing out everyone’s inner dancer.

App That Helps Sexual Assault Victims

Jessica Ladd is a sexual assault survivor and founder of Callisto, an app that allows people to easily report an assault. She was assaulted in college and found that the process of reporting the incident was also traumatic, so she decided to make it easier for women to do just that.Click here to watch the video of how it works and see how much impact it is making.

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