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Man In Delhi Redistributes Medicine To Those In Need

Omkar Nath became the “Medicine Baba” 11 years ago when he realized some doctors in Delhi didn’t have enough medicine to treat all their patients. He decided to walk for miles daily, despite his disability, and collect medicine from locals, delivering them to a local pharmacy that distributes the medicine for free to those in need. Watch this video to learn more.

Elderly People and Students Share Knowledge and Experience

This “living library” project was started by World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community in Malaysia’s capital. This project links students to various retirement homes in order to help the elderly not feel isolated or abandoned and also allow them to pass on knowledge to a younger generation. The students also engage in finding solutions to problems affecting these seniors.
‘The average age of Malaysia’s population will be 60 years or more by 2030” so they are starting to make an effort to make sure these people will be taken care of and not forgotten. Read the whole story here.


Using Cake to Spark Social Change

Rose McAdoo started Whisk Me Away Cakes to start conversations and bring awareness to important social issues. She is an experienced baker and an artist who wanted to use her craft to change the discussion around immigration, climate change and so much more. Watch this video to see her clever and thought-provoking creations.

A Search Engine That Plants Trees

Ecosia is a search engine that allows users to help save the planet by just surfing the internet. Users have already planted over 32 million trees by using the search engine which works by using 100% of its ad revenue to plant trees and crops around the globe. Watch this video to learn how they plan to plant a billion trees by 2020.

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