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Good News” articles to provide you with inspiration and hope that there is still good in the world. People from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good, and so can you!

College Student With Anxiety Starts Empowering Project For Others

Abbe Dembowitz was suffering from anxiety and after receiving some treatment from a therapist she started The Turn It Around Project, while she was a junior in college. She helps people tackle negative thoughts and also brings awareness to mental health. She hosts group sessions where people write one negative thought down on there body and then write down a corresponding positive thought on the other side to combat it. Her program is growing and has already spread to over 20 universities and organizations. Watch this video to learn more.

Teen with Autism is Befriended By Two Football Players

The show Titletown TX, highlights a story of two football players named Wes and Seth who befriend a kid named Hunter who has autism. Hunter was being picked on and bullied and often ate lunch alone. Wes and Seth decided to befriend him and it completely changed his life. Watch this short episode to learn just how impacted Hunter and his family have been by their friendship.


Joe and Jill Biden are Supporting Veterans Mental Health

There are 6 Veterans from the US and UK who are walking 1,000 miles across America called Walking with the Wounded. Joe and Jill helped support and walked part of the way to help raise awareness for all veterans who cannot find jobs, who are homeless and are suffering from mental health issues. Watch this video to learn all about what they are doing.

Dolls Showcase The Beauty Of Natural Hair

Mala Bryan started Malaville Toys and created a line of Afro-Caribbean inspired dolls that have a range of skin tones and different hairstyles and textures that girls can relate to. They are using dolls as a way to build young girls self-esteem. Watch this video to learn more.

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