Many celebrities, such as singers and athletes, are often in the media for bad decisions or the mistakes they make. It is always encouraging to hear about celebrities doing good and using their fame and wealth to help others.

John Legend, one of the more popular singer-songwriters of today, is doing just that. Making millions off his voice alone, what he is doing for others is remarkable. In 2007, he started the “Show Me Campaign.” With this campaign, Legend strives to give every child an equal opportunity for education, no matter what background or social class they come from.

Philanthropic work like running this successful campaign is something Legend has dedicated himself to. The campaign does more than just ensuring education for children. It also helps families in Africa, providing them with healthcare, education and access to clean water. His passion is much more than just for his music.

“I think success has a lot to do with finding something you love and putting everything you have into it.” – John Legend

One of the most recent efforts by the Show Me Campaign has been by trying to end mass incarceration, which is very prevalent throughout the United States. Not only is it shocking that the U.S. is the country that incarcerates the most people, but the reality is that there are more jails than colleges in the United States. Legend’s goal is to work towards reducing incarceration and using money for education.