In this episode I tell you about my health story and how it relates to mental health and the challenges that exist. I’m also using part of my interview with Lian Zeitz who works for citiesRISE, the amazing organization transforming global mental health policy and practice.  Prior to joining citiesRISE (see Ep. 16), Lian worked with therapeutic programs for struggling youth in 15 states in the US to identify pathways for young people to play a greater role in their own care and the development of mental health programs. He has also worked internationally on areas such as suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse in Bhutan, Indonesia, and Zambia.

He frequently speaks at national and international conferences about student experiences in therapeutic programs, trauma-focused community development, and pathways to successful transitions in life. Lian earned a B.A. from Quest University Canada, where he focused on public health and international development, and a certificate for Leadership in Mental Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. If he isn’t dreaming big about playing his part in solving the world’s most pressing challenges, Lian can most likely be found playing outside or climbing mountain peaks.