Lian Zeitz, program officer, at citiesRISE. He has been an active contributor to the philosophical underpinning of citiesRISE and leads international youth activities.  citiesRISE is a global platform committed to transforming the state of mental health policy and practice in cities and beyond to meet the mental health needs of populations across the world.  To achieve significant, measurable improvements in mental health – especially among young people – citiesRISE is scaling up proven methodologies and tools and harnessing the skills and energy of experts and communities.
Their vision is a world in which cities enable young people to grow up, develop resilience, and lead productive lives through mainstreaming mental health across sectors. They have built three core initiatives to help cities and surrounding communities significantly improve the mental health of the maximum amount of people in the least amount of time: Local Collective Action, Young People and Youth Leadership, and Innovation and Acceleration

Lian is very passionate and competent about mental health. citiesRISE is an amazing organization and he explains how they are solving mental health problems from a systems level approach. This should really change the way you think about mental health on a societal and global level.

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