We have been focusing our efforts over here at PDG to actually get behind people’s “doing good projects” and help make them a reality. By researching, strategizing, networking, and marketing their projects. We are helping everyday people, just like you, really make an impact on society. Our current project in progress is called MamaMimicry, started by the amazing and wonderful Heather Chow. The aim of this project is to provide therapeutic relief to premature babies in NICU’s (neonatal intensive care units) through making products that mimic the babies mother. Heather is a 3rd year medical student pursuing her dream to become a pediatrician. She recently got the idea that would enable her to start caring for children even in the midst of medical school.

This will be a multipart series that we are documenting as it progresses. If you can crochet or have design skills and can help come up with a rendering for the first prototype, please email us at info@pdgood.net or go to our website and click the submit button. If you have any insight or would like to be of help in any way with the MamaMimicry project please reach out to us.

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