One celebrity who strives to make a difference while trying to find his way in the world is Tim Tebow. He and the Tim Tebow Foundation, help thousands of children around the world by providing resources and experiences they otherwise may not have.

Among all the philanthropic efforts Tim Tebow and his foundation make, one stands out as an experience one would not easily forget. His foundation sponsors “Night to Shine,” which aides churches in celebrating teenagers with different special needs with their very own prom night. “Night to Shine” takes place around the world on a single night in February. In 2017, 375 churches, with the support of 150,000 volunteers from around the world, hosted “Night to Shine” for 75,000 guests.

“My inspiration was when I was 15 years old and I was at a school in a remote village in the Philippines and there was a boy who was shunned out of the event because his feet were on backwards, and what we want to do is fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves. That’s what it’s all about”
Tim Tebow

Tebow himself was able to attend one of these events last year. Making it the first prom he had ever attended as well.

“Night to Shine” ensures that no teen misses out on having a magical experience and this is good because it isn’t very often that you get a second chance to capture it again.

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