Leigh M. Clark is a woman who has dedicated her life to doing good for people through random acts of kindness. It all started when she lost her job at age 29 and had to move back in with her parents. She was in a pretty low place emotionally for about a year, and even after finding a new job, she still felt a lack of purpose in her life. That was when she decided to do a 30-day random acts of kindness challenge. She was hooked! She found so much joy in giving joy to others that she eventually started her own non-profit called Kindleigh, which raises money to help pay off people’s holiday layaway debt.

Hearing Leigh’s story made me realize that doing good can be something we do every day, whether big or small, and the more we do it, the more it will become a way of life. It is as simple as a random act of kindness like leaving a friendly note on someone’s car, paying for the drink of someone behind you in line, or making a meal for a friend. It can be quite simple and fun especially when when we bring people along with us.

For more, see Leigh’s December calendar of daily, simple but creative ideas on ways to do good!