We had the pleasure of talking with Armand Carr, a radio host for 102.9 KBLX, the Quiet Storm. He is also a social entrepreneur that started the nonprofit, All Tied Up, a mentorship program for men ages 13-21.

All Tied Up prepares young men with a sound foundation and core values for success in today’s world by teaching them how to respect themselves, their peers, and women. Through workshops that are structured around the significance of a necktie.

It all started with his personal donation of 50 ties out of his own closet. The necktie is used as a tool to empower youth and remind them of their strengths and abilities. It is a centerpiece to reaffirming who they are and what they can accomplish.

Armand is a very wise man who has mastered his craft and yet remains humble and purposeful in helping others succeed and reach their goals.