Kristen Anderson is a freshman at Stanford University. She founded Kitchen on a Mission at the age of 16. It started by her wanting to help homeless people in her hometown of Vancouver, but was unsure as to what she could do. She visited restaurants in her community, asking them for leftover food. After getting rejection after rejection she finally found an bakery willing to help.
Kitchen on a Mission is a community of students making a direct impact on their community’s relationships with food waste, homelessness, and people. They currently deliver over $7600 of food to those in need every week with help from dedicated volunteers

Kitchen on a Mission partners with a local business, they take only food that a business is going to throw away. Rather than throwing the food away, they save it to be picked up by one of the volunteers for delivery to a shelter. They are not only helping to feed the homeless, but eliminating food waste as well. Go for more information.