What makes an inspiring educator? In part, it’s having the ability to build relationships with their students while empowering them along the way to do things they never thought were possible. Education is a beautiful journey that is only possible through educators who overflow with authenticity as they care for every student who walks through their classroom doors.

EPAA Saturday SchoolRemi and Kendra Sobomehin started Saturday School and what distinguishes them from others is their service goes beyond the classroom and impacts their community. Early in their career, they realized that, in communities like East Palo Alto, there are often issues affecting students’ lives that are out of the student’s control. As much as they wish they could solve all of their students’ issues, they brilliantly thought of an alternative plan, where the two could invest and provide necessary resources and tools to help students succeed. Two years ago, East Palo Alto Academy and the Sobomehins launched “Saturday School” to provide free mentorship and tutoring to all students on any subject.

Saturday School not only gives the students practical help academically but, more importantly, it provides a space to build relationships with mentors outside of school. It helps students feel like there is a community of supporters who want to help them outside of those who are paid to do so. We started Saturday School with the vision of connecting our friends with the community.


This innovative program has been empowering the youth in the community through the efforts of incredible individuals who volunteer their time assisting students with their homework, encouraging them to apply for scholarships, and helping prepare them to finish high school and enter the working world. The purpose of Saturday School is not just to accommodate students academically, but to invest in their lives.

“On average, [we have] about 10-20 students come weekly, with our largest sessions reaching upwards of 50 students,” added Remi. “So Kendra and I decided that we would devote our career to helping students in communities like EPA.”

Beginning on November 4th, 2017, Saturday School is proud to announce their partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula in East Palo Alto. This is an inspiring effort occurring where volunteers are needed to make a difference in  young men and women’s lives. The Sobomehins epitomize the art of sacrifice, and it is electrifying to see the impact that their genuine sacrifice has made in the community. Join them in empowering the future generation!

“Only a life lived in the service of others, is worth living.”

Albert Einstein