Below are a number of guiding principles and concepts from E-Sports that were key to beginning their revolutionary inclusive sports program. Each item is also linked to more info about the given area on the website. These principles should provide a helpful and instructive roadmap to getting started!

Inclusion – Guiding philosophy and conviction

Needs – Address both typical & special needs

Coaches – Energetic with heart to serve & learn

Leadership – Coordinators, head coaches “all in”

Understanding – Training on different special needs

Drills – Adapting for different challenges & needs

  • See the three links above…re specific adaptations for different needs

E’s of Success

  • Energize – keeping the kids captivated
  • Engage – getting inside the kids’ world
  • Expect expressing belief and vision – the “just-right challenge”
  • Encourage – power of rewards and accessing parents as your #1 ally

Make sure to read more about E-Sports as well as its history and impact globally.