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Young Woman With Autism Defies Odds by Graduating From College

Katie Gallagher was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when she was 7 years old. Despite struggling through school she graduated high school and was accepted to Banacos Academic Center at Massachusetts’ Westfield State University, a program designed to support students with documented learning disabilities. She had the exact same curriculum as any other student but had an advisor to guide her through the system and support her individual needs. Read about her incredible journey here.

Police Officer Helps Deliver Baby on New Years Eve

Andy Cazeau, a police officer in Cambridge, Mass. responded to a call about a woman in labor. As soon as he arrived the woman started a contraction and he helped her deliver the baby right there in the house. The baby is healthy and happy and was taken to the hospital shortly after. Read the full story here.

Celebrities Who Did Good in 2017

See how everyone from Bill Gates to Snoop Dogg surprised everyone with their kindness and generosity this past year.

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