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Young Scientist Using Machine Learning to Protect Marine Life

Daniel DeLeon was just a student trying to figure out a path for his life when he became fascinated with engineering and the mathematics of sound. Now he is using technology like machine learning to track endangered whales at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). They are analyzing whale acoustics and using machine learning to parse through data and find patterns in order to get a better understanding of marine life so we can protect it. Find out more about this inspiring story to see how they are using this tech for good.

Old Cell Phones Being Used to Save The Rainforest

Northern Brazil has experienced massive deforestation due to cattle ranching, illegal logging, and fires. Topher White founded the Rainforest Connection where he has been able to use old cell phones in a powerful way. By connecting them to solar panels and attaching them to the tops of trees they are able to detect illegal logging through picking up sound up to 1 kilometer away. Watch this video to see how it works.


Edible Food Packaging to Replace Plastics

Yanyun Zhao is a scientist at Oregon State University who is creating edible food packaging and an edible coating for fruits and vegetables. She has demonstrated the ability to make produce last longer as well. Watch the video here.

The Kid Who Invented A Way to Recycle Styrofoam

Ashton Cofer is a kid that came up with a way to recycle styrofoam, which is unheard of and simply too expensive. Styrofoam waste is a major problem globally, but Ashton and his friends have come up with a solution. They figured out a way to turn the carbon in styrofoam into activated carbon which is used to filter water; creating two solutions out of one problem. Watch the video highlighting the story here.

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