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Woman Joyfully Pays Off Strangers’ Holiday Debts

Leigh M. Clark made some significant changes in her life when she was 29 and one of them was to start doing random acts of kindness. She felt so much joy doing this that she began to start doing it all the time. That’s when she came up with the idea to start paying off people’s holiday layaway payments. It started with getting a few friends to help join in this kind act; now it’s an official nonprofit organization called Kindleigh. Watch her bring joy to total strangers this holiday season.

Sister Gets Help from Viral Post for Brother’s Christmas Gift

Cassie Gretschel posted on Reddit to see about getting a discontinued Tonka truck for her brother, Max, who lives in Baltimore. Max has cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis, and the truck is all he wants for Christmas. It has been discontinued since the year 2000, but fortunately the company Tonka heard about the story. They were so moved that they said they would help make this Christmas wish come true.

16 Year-old Gets Adopted By His Teacher

Anthony Berry thought being adopted was out of the question, and he had stopped wanting this until he met his teacher. Hear this incredible story of family and hope.

South Sudan Refugees Building Community Through Basketball

There are many South Sudan refugees living in Omaha, Nebraska where basketball has turned into the most popular sport. One young man named Kwan earned a scholarship to play college ball. When he came back to Omaha, he started The Omaha Talent, which is a basketball development program that has produced a dozen college players. Watch the video interview here.


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