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Veterans Use Surf Therapy to Combat Trauma

Andrew Manzi returned from the Iraq war feeling like a different person. “I felt like I had no control over myself, and I was afraid of myself.” He went to therapy to treat his traumatic brain injury and PTSD, but he felt the most healing start when he picked up a surfboard. In the water sometimes he would meet other veterans and that’s when he got the idea to help veteran combat trauma through surfing. He now runs his nonprofit surf program, Warrior Surf, out of Folly Beach, South Carolina. Warrior Surf combines therapy sessions on the beach with surf lessons.

Hard-Working Teen Gets Surprise Car from Coworkers

This teen got surprised for his 19th birthday with a car from his coworkers. After leaving a rough living situation in Saginaw, Michigan, he has been living on his own and biking to work for two years rain or shine. The family owned and operated business decided to show this teen that he is part of their family.

Adopted Woman Finds Family 60 Years Later

Sylvia Kewer’s family knew nothing about her. But after doing a DNA test on, she was united with her half siblings for the first time. Until then, she had never met them or even knew they existed. Learn all about the heartwarming story here.

Teenager Carries Teammate to Finish Line

A high schooler helped out an injured teammate during a race by carrying him to the finish line. Watch the incredibly inspiring footage of this selfless act.

Today Show Lends a Hand to Hurricane Victims

Watch Al Roker of the Today Show in their “Lend a Hand” segment give out much-needed school supplies to the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. This is just one of many donations needed to help communities rebuild. See the full story here.

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