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Tim Cook and Malala Team Up to Help 100,000 Girls Into School

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala and Apple CEO Tim Cook have announced a long-term partnership to ensure that 1000,000 underserved girls get an education. They have a goal to increase that number over time but want to start in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Nigeria. “We began to talk, and it became so clear that she had such a bold vision. It really lined up with the boldness of Apple and that the core of it is an overriding belief in equality and that education is the great equalizer. And that has always been at the root of our company and my personal beliefs,” Cook said. See the full story here.

Doctor Walks a Mile in the Snow to Get to Patient

Dr. Dean McKenzie, the chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, walked a mile to the hospital to see his patient when roads in the area were overwhelmed with snow and ice. The parents of the child were not surprised saying, “Of course he did…It exemplifies the type of person he is.” Read the full story here.

City Makes Official ‘Hi, How Are You?’ Day for Mental Health Support

The City of Austin, Texas created “Hi, How Are You?” Day, named after a song of the same name from Daniel Johnston, a local artist who struggles with mental health challenges. The city has served as an incubator for his talent and recognizes the bigger struggle that people with mental health issues go through. Read the full story here.

Social Media Post Helps School Kids in Baltimore Stay Warm During the Winter

Baltimore, Maryland is a harsh place in the winter, and many public schools are without central heating, leaving children shivering and needing to endure cold freezing temperatures in the classroom. Baltimore native Samierra Jones created a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising enough money to buy at least 600 space heaters and supplemental winter clothing for the children. She and former NFL linebacker Aaron Maybin spurred thousands of social media shares which lead to the campaign earning $80,000. Click here for the story that is warming the hearts and lives of those living in the area.

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