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Daily “Good News” articles to provide you with inspiration and hope that there is still good in the world. People from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good, and so can you!

This Man’s Heart Is Earthquake-Proof

See how one man in Mexico City decided to help right after the most recent devastating earthquake. He started buying necessities for families like diapers and baby food. Then he asked the company he worked for to help out and was able to provide for so many people in their time of need.  Read more about his journey to help as many people as possible.

Hero Teacher Tackles Gunman

Angela Mcqueen, a high school math teacher, heard shots ring out in the cafeteria.  She acted fast and was able to save everyone’s life that day.  Read about the incredible bravery of this woman and what these high school students have to say about it.

Into The Storm

Hurricane Irma changed this couple’s vacation into a rescue mission. Jeff Moulton and Jane Spiess made the decision to stay onboard a ship when given the decision to disembark early to avoid the storm. They picked up evacuees and dropped off supplies to various islands in the Caribbean along the way.  Click here for the incredible story.

Hope In 3D

Steve is a designer who happens to be missing a limb.  Astonished at the price and lack of ingenuity in the field of prosthetics he took it upon himself to create free prosthetic arms for children. Click here to watch how these kids personalities shine through with these custom-made, 3D printed prosthetics.

Canadian Millennials Deemed Most Responsible

A study shows that Canadian millennials are not as likely to drink and drive as other countries with 82% having served as designated drivers. Read how the use of social media and transportation apps has helped this age group prioritize responsibility.

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