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San Francisco Elects and Celebrates Its First Black Woman Mayor

London Breed is a San Francisco native who grew up in public housing with her grandma. She has worked her way up as the former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Now as the mayor of the city and county of San Francisco she has passed “the strongest styrofoam ban in the country” and has her sights set on making the city and county a much better place for everyone. Her story is an inspiration to anyone coming from humble beginnings. Watch the video highlighting her story here.

Huge Corporations Are Getting Rid of Plastic Straws and Bags

A pilot whale was recently found dead off the coast of Thailand with 80 plastic bags in its stomach. Several weeks following this news, Seaworld, Ikea, and the Royal Caribbean have announced that they are getting rid of their single-use plastic straws and plastic bags. They aren’t the only ones seeing the destructive use of these materials and finally deciding to do something about it. Click here to read about all the efforts being made to ban plastics to help save the environment.


South African Woman Founded The Rural Women’s Movement

Sizani Ngubane has been fighting for women’s rights since she was 15 years old. Ever since she was young she knew she had to do something about the oppression she saw around her in South Africa. In 1994 she helped found The Rural Women’s Movement, helping over 50,000 girls and women through access to education, land rights, medical care and much more. Watch this video highlighting her incredible journey.

24-Year-Old Saves Indigenous Tribe’s Sacred Land In the Philippines

The Higaonon tribe were the first people to settle in the mountains, near Iligan City in the Philippines, hundreds of years ago. Their land and their culture have been threatened in recent years because of business and logging that has caused deforestation. A 24-year-old Dutch man bought half the land in order to preserve it for the Higaonon people. He is also now working to help them preserve the other half of their land and is making a documentary about the people. Watch this video highlighting their story.

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