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Student with Down Syndrome Has Dream Come True Thanks to Steph Curry

Rachel Grace is a 22-year-old student who tweeted Steph Curry hoping to get tickets to a Warriors game. Steph exceeded all expectations and paid for her and her family to fly out to California, catch a game, and get a chance to meet him. Watch the video of their meeting here.

Man Serving Life in Prison Returns as White Sox Grounds Keeper after DNA Test Proves Innocence

Nevest Coleman was falsely imprisoned for 23 years and, after DNA evidence proved his innocence, was released from his life sentence. Soon after his release, he received a phone call and was offered his old job as a grounds keeper for the Chicago White Sox. Read the whole story and watch the video here.


Police Officer Starts Mentorship Program that Shows Kids the World

A Los Angeles police officer started a mentoring program called “On A Mission” to get kids out of their neighborhoods and educate them to provide perspective. He will take 21 students to Beijing in hopes to educate them and also build their trust with police officers.  Watch the video to see why he was inspired to start the program.  

Former Addict Opens Gym to Help People Fight Addiction

Krissy Mae Cagney had been battling with alcoholism for ten years before getting a breakthrough by turning to weightlifting. She decided to open a gym to help support others struggling with addiction and has been very successful. Watch the video of her incredible story here.

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