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Smartphone App Enables Youth to Make Social Impact

Humanitas AI is an app connecting students in Jordan with their community and beyond. Through the app, they “can complete surveys that encourage them to empathize with their community’s needs, share updates, exchange project ideas, and report valuable grassroots data about those they hope to help.” The data of community needs is then collected and marketed to “philanthropists and governments and gives free access to certain grassroots organizations and researchers.” Read the full story here to see how this app is turning into the Facebook for social change.

Flint Water Crisis Advocate Wins Environmental Prize

Leeanne Walters is a mother of four who helped expose the Flint water crisis, bringing researchers and doctors into the picture. She took surveys and did testing on the weather and her kids to reveal what was really going on. She was recently awarded the 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize for all of her hard work. Watch the video highlighting her story.


Netherlands Studio Where Adults with Special Needs Paint

Studio ‘T Rondeel is an amazing art studio for special needs adults to create beautiful works of art. There are about 15 artists onsite who work and learn from supervisors there to guide them through the process. The studio prides itself on letting their artists express themselves in their unique way, giving them support but never painting for them. Watch this video to see how this small studio is making a big impact.

Microfinancing to Help Solve Global Water and Sanitation Issue

2.3 billion people do not have access to basic sanitation defined as “a toilet or latrine that is not shared with other households.” Over 800 million don’t have easy access to drinking water either. This means more money and time is spent by people who can’t afford the solutions to these problems, like how to “connect to an existing water system, buy a toilet, or set up a rainwater harvesting system.” In areas where materials are available, people living on $1.25 a day can’t afford the initial costs of these materials or services. has figured out an amazing solution, working with “microfinance providers to extend affordable financing solutions for safe water and sanitation to the poor.” Read the full article here to see the staggering statistics showing their undeniable impact.

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