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Single Mom Who Never Went to Prom Is Asked by Son 18 Years Later

Fatima Faruq missed her senior prom 18 years ago because she was taking care of her newborn baby. Her son Nassir is now a high school senior, and he wanted to show his love and appreciation to her for all the sacrifices she has made for him. He said, “I wanted her to enjoy herself and I wanted her to feel young again…I didn’t want her to miss out.” Read the whole story here.

Schools Teach Special Ed Students How to Code

The Vancouver Public Schools received funding to start a coding program for special education students. The program has been very successful in three schools and will hopefully spread well beyond that. Read the article to learn more and see what the kids have been building with their new skills.


Police Officer Uses Viral Video Fame to Help Communities

Officer Bobby White received a noise complaint one day about some boys playing basketball. Instead of telling the boys to stop playing, he joined them in the game which was captured on video and made him famous. People started sending basketball supplies to the police station with messages telling him to keep it up. He took those resources and started a nonprofit called Basketball Cop, building several basketball courts and hoops across the country. Watch the video to see what an impact it has made.

Stranger’s Friend Request on FB Turns into Publishing Enterprise

Ben Taylor received a message from someone he thought was a scam artist, named Joel from Liberia. After a few exchanges over Facebook Messenger, they started forming a real friendship that led to them publishing a photography book and raising money for Joel and his community. Watch the incredible video here.

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