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Saudi Arabia Is Lifting Ban On Women Drivers

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia will lift the ban on women driving. They are the only country in the world with this particular ban that prevents women from driving. Saudi women will now be able to take driving tests and receive their driver’s license. This is obviously a major relief and burden lifted for women who have had to rely on taxis and male drivers to get rides anywhere. Read the whole article here.

These “Seedballs” Could Help Fight Deforestation

A genius invention to plant trees has been created and it is a simple and cheap way to plant millions of trees. The seeds are mixed with charcoal dust and nutrients that require no digging or planting in order to grow into a tree. People simply can throw them or drop them and they will start to grow as soon as the next rain comes. These “seedballs” only cost 2 cents each and could prove to be a great solution to modern day deforestation. Watch the video to learn more.


Romanian Women Fight Cultural Appropriation Through Fashion

The fashion company Dior has been popularizing Romanian fashion and styles and selling a certain clothing item for 30,000 euros. Many fashion companies do this to various cultures and give no credit or money from profits to these communities and often kill traditional clothing brands as a result. Women in Bihor, Romania started a “Bihor not Dior” campaign along with a magazine in order to sell their original clothes and style and preserve their tradition. The campaign has been a major success and made headlines around the world. Watch the video here.

Yarn Wigs Bring Joy To Kids With Cancer

The Magic Yarn Project creates wigs for children with cancer who lose their hair when undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Often times their scalp is too sensitive for most wigs on the market, but these wigs, inspired by Disney princesses and superheroes, feel just right. This nonprofit has been helped by over 3,500 volunteers and has made thousands of wigs for kids. Watch the video telling the incredible story of how it got started.

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