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New Research Suggests Animals May Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum

For many years there have been case studies attesting to the many benefits of various animal therapies, but they often have been negated for lacking clear scientific evidence. Recently, “The National Institutes of Health, the nation’s largest public funder of health research, agreed to a five-year extension of the research partnership they started 10 years ago into the study of human-animal interaction.” One study involving Australian children on the spectrum and guinea pigs showed the kids were more social, “talking to people, looking at their faces, even touching them — when they got to interact with guinea pigs rather than just toys. They also laughed and smiled more — behaviors seen as precursors to social interaction.” Read the whole story here.

School Bus Driver Gets Surprised with Super Bowl Tickets from Students and Parents

A New Jersey community has raised $5,000 on GoFundMe for their bus driver, a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, to go to the Super Bowl. Watch this video to see why he is so loved.

One-Armed Girls Basketball Coach Providing Hope and Inspiration

Coach Kennard Johnson has been a source of inspiration, hope and perseverance for the players on his team in southside Chicago. There is crime and violence but the coach offers hope. When he was in high school, Coach Johnson was shot in the arm, which led to it being amputated. “He takes care of us like we are his own children,” junior Hadi Ndiaye said. “I can’t fit in anywhere else and don’t feel right except here, in the gym, so Coach Johnson gets that and makes us all feel like we belong,” said another player, Hearon. “He understands that basketball is our escape.” Read about his incredible story here.

Coast Guard Performs Two Amazing Rescues in One Day

Watch as a Coast Guard team helicoptered in to medevac out two different passengers from a cruise ship in this daring video.

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