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NCAA Finalists Inspired By Student Coach Who Survived Two Plane Crashes

Austin Hatch is a Michigan Wolverines undergraduate who ended his basketball career after surviving two plane crashes that killed his whole family. He experienced a traumatic brain injury, had to relearn how to walk and talk after being in a coma, and even played five games for the Wolverines before deciding to step down. He now serves as a student coach and is a constant inspiration for the team. He has overcome so much and has been sharing his story now as a public speaker. “If I would’ve thought of this situation before it happened to me, I wouldn’t have thought I could make it either,” Hatch said in 2016. “It really comes down to character, just being able to persevere in the midst of tragedy and adversity.” Read the whole story here.

Amazon’s Alexa Has Now Enabled People to Donate to Nonprofits

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa now allows you to donate $5-$5,000 to 50 nonprofits like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They will continue to add more and more nonprofits to their list, and it is thought that they will also add the feature to allow you to send money to friends and family as well. Read the full article here.


Teen Pays for Local Community to Wash and Dry Clothes at Laundromat

This 8th-grade girl offered a free laundry day for her local community after learning that kids she tutored felt embarrassed because they didn’t have clean clothes. Many people in her community either don’t have a washer and dryer, or they can’t always afford to use the laundromat. She was able to raise $900, and the movement has grown to more people being inspired to give to her cause. Watch the video interview here.

Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity Netflix Special to Benefit Alzheimer’s

Seth Rogen and a star-studded cast of comedians has a special called Hilarity For Charity, releasing April 6th on Netflix to benefit Alzheimer’s research. Rogen and his wife Lauren started the nonprofit campaign, Hilarity for Charity, in 2012. So far it has raised over $7 million for Alzheimer’s research and care programs. Click here for more details.

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