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Microsoft Surprises Boy with Xbox After He Gave His to Help the Homeless

This 9 year-old boy decided to give up the Xbox he wanted for Christmas in order to give 60 blankets to homeless people instead. He had experienced living in an emergency shelter three years earlier when his family lost their home. Local news and Microsoft caught wind of this young man’s kind gesture and surprised him at a local Microsoft store. Santa Claus was waiting there with a new Xbox for him.

Teen Girl with Chronic Illness Is Devoted to Helping Others

Olivia Ports was born with primary immunodeficiency which leaves her susceptible to many diseases. After spending so much time in the hospital, she decided to pick up the guitar and start writing and performing. One of her recent performances was at Children’s Ball, sponsored by Lurie Children’s Hospital, which raised $3.75 million for research in one evening alone. She is collecting hundreds of toys and delivering them to children in the same hospital. Read all about this young lady’s incredible story here.

10 Year-Old CrowdFunds 10,000 Euros for Bionic Hand in Time for Christmas

Cameron Millar, a 10 year-old boy without a right hand, was able to raise enough money for a bionic hand through a crowdfunding campaign. He expressed not wanting to be “dragging along behind” his classmates when it comes to writing. Read the inspiring story of this Star Wars fan who says “I’ll feel a lot like Luke Skywalker…he has a bionic hand.”

Man Hijacks Amazon Prime Now for Good

This man came up with an idea to utilize Amazon’s two-hour delivery service to help homeless people by asking them what they needed and then having it delivered directly to them. “I simply wanted to demonstrate how easy and convenient it can be to bring a person in need what they need and to encourage that behavior.” Watch the video of this creative way he figured out how to utilize this delivery service for good.

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