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Marshawn Lynch Surprises Students in East Palo Alto

Marshawn Lynch has a reputation for giving back to his community in his hometown in Oakland, but recently he surprised kids in East Palo Alto. He teamed up with a local organization called StreetCode that provides free classes in technology for youth in the area. It was an amazing event and inspiring especially for the kids, the event was called “BeastCode – a merge of BeastMode and StreetCode’s vision to build a generation of innovators who will create solutions for East Palo Alto, Oakland, and other underserved communities.” Read the full story here to see how StreetCode and Marshawn are impacting youth.

War Wounded Amputees Given 3D Printed Prosthetic Limbs

In Amman, Jordan medics and technicians for Doctors Without Borders are using 3D printing and advanced imaging to make custom prosthetic limbs for soldiers. Watch the video here.

Baker Hands Out Baked Goods to Motorists Caught in Traffic

Motorists were stuck in traffic for hours on a British highway due to bad weather when a local baker made everyone’s day. The baker got out of his truck and started handing out free doughnuts and cakes to everyone. His kind gesture quickly went viral. Read the whole story here.

Black Panther Star Revealed Denzel Washington Helped Pay For Class at Oxford

Chadwick Boseman, the talented lead actor in the movie Black Panther, recently revealed Denzel Washington had a big hand in developing his acting career. The star got into an Oxford program for theater, but could not afford to go. His acting teacher at the time reached out to the Universitie’s celebrity sponsors and Denzel gladly paid for him. Click here to read the whole story.

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