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“Little Miss Flint” Helps Hundreds of Kids See Black Panther Movie

Amariyanna (aka Little Miss Flint) is a 10-year-old who gained fame by getting Barack Obama to visit Flint, Michigan in 2016 during the city’s water crisis. She recently helped raise $16,000 through a GoFundMe campaign. “They rented out a theater in Flint that seated about 150 and then said they had enough money left over to buy tickets for 600 more kids, as well as ‘Black Panther’ merchandise for them.” Mari said, “Kids need to see themselves as superheroes…Black kids are seen as victims — and we’re not.” They worked with shelters and local Boys and Girls Clubs to find kids that otherwise might not have been able to see the movie in theaters. Read the whole story here.

13-Year-Old with Aspergers Becomes Successful Designer

13-year-old Matej Hosek from the Czech Republic used to cry a lot as a kid and found it hard to find peace in his life. One day he was given a map while on the subway and was instantly fascinated by it. Since then he has been making very sophisticated and detailed maps, which have now been turned into fashion and design items. Hosek’s family has started a small company selling his designs, and the supply can’t meet demand for his clothing & cell phone cases. Read the whole story of how this kid found his niche.

Teenager Went from Being Paralyzed to Paralympic Athlete

Andrew was 13 when he was paralyzed from the waist down. He had grown up as a championship wrestler and had to rethink how to live his life. That’s when he got into skiing. Now he is a Paralympian and just competed in the recent Winter Olympic Games. Watch his incredible journey here.

Young People Establish Peace Across Religions and Cultures in Iraq

As the Iraqi people rebuild their society, there are still many groups of people and from various backgrounds and religions who remain polarized and fragmented. The Middle East Sustainable Peace Organization aims to promote peace and bring healing to the Iraqi people. “The program teaches young people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds the skills of living peacefully with one another.” Learn more here.

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