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Library in Baltimore Is Transforming People’s Lives with Free Services

Enoch Pratt has 22 locations in Baltimore, Maryland and offers so much more than just free books. They have programs like “social worker in the library” where social workers help people tackle tough challenges like finding jobs. They have the “lawyer in the library” program where “attorneys provide free legal aid to community members.” Everyone in Baltimore has a transformational story about this library. Click here to read the whole story.

3D Printed Cornea Could Help Millions

Scientists have created the first 3D printed cornea. The proof-of-concept research was conducted in the UK at Newcastle University, where they were able to stabilize a compound from stem cells, alginate, and collagen that could be printed. With over 15 million people around the world in need of a transplant, this could be a great solution in years to come. Watch the video and learn more here.


Dutch Inventor Makes Generator That Transforms Gravity Into Electricity

Janjaap Ruijssenaars is the man who invented this new technology for sustainable energy. It works by unbalancing a weight so that gravitational energy then takes over, thus creating electricity. Anything from a small breeze to heat from the sun can offset the weight in order to create this effect with his invention. He says his generator could reach up to 93% energy efficiency, compared to other technology like solar power with only about 50% energy efficiency. Watch the video here.

Teen Flies Plane Around Globe For Charity

19-year-old Logan Tinly is setting out to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the world in just a month. He got inspired to raise money for childhood cancer after a family friend’s son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Watch the video here to see how this kid is planning to raise $500,000 in his single-engine propeller plane.

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