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High School Girl Builds App to Fight Hunger for Underprivileged Kids

Alyssa Kapasi is a high school student who started tutoring at an after-school program for low-income families. She learned that many kids ate the free food provided in the cafeteria because they don’t get enough to eat at home. Alyssa decided to build an app called “Food for Thought, which will allow parents, students, and even kind-hearted strangers to donate to a lunch account for a student in need at a nearby school.” Many children qualify for free lunch, but there are millions who only get a reduced price lunch, which doesn’t always cut it. Alyssa got her friends together to use their engineering skills to make a big difference. Learn more about this ingenious app here.

College Student Grows 20 Lbs of Food on Landfill

Joy Youwakim is a University of Texas student who turned her idea of growing food on a landfill into a reality. She worked with the city of Austin, Texas to get permission to grow food on a test plot on a landfill. They tested the food and found nothing irregular, growing it in soil that is just a foot above trash. She would be able to feed 32,000 people annually with one landfill. Watch this video to learn about her project and how she is looking to scale it.


A Cafe That Cares Built Housing for Their Homeless Employees

A Scottish cafe, Social Bite, employs homeless individuals and gives 100% of their proceeds to charity. They have decided to build a village for their employees consisting of “11 portable, eco-friendly houses [that] will host up to 20 homeless people for 12 to 16 months.” There they will receive “training, education, job resources, and transitional support until they can finally be helped into permanent housing at the end of their stay.” Read more about this incredible cafe.

Microsoft Commits to Spend $25 Million on AI for Disabled People

The tech giant announced they will be using $25 million for the development of technology they are calling “AI For Accessibility.” Microsoft president Brad Smith stated, “By ensuring that technology fulfills its promise to address the broadest societal needs, we can empower everyone — not just individuals with disabilities — to achieve more.” Click here to read more.

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