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Why Anonymous Bidder Paid $2.68 Million at Charity Auction

In an Online Charity Auction put on by Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, an anonymous fan bid for the chance to have lunch with Mr. Buffett.  This is the 18th annual auction, held by Buffett for Glide, a San Francisco based Charity.  The charity provides “food, healthcare, and other services to the homeless, the impoverished, and people struggling with substance abuse.”  Learn more about the money raised and the reason Buffett has a heart for this specific charity.

The Gender Defenders

These seventh-grade girls created the “Gender Defender Carnival.” They were able to raise money for UNICEF and also spread awareness about gender equality, help people understand the struggles people face, and inspire them to take action. Learn more about these inspiring kids.

Not Your Typical Netflix Series

Netflix released the show in August about a teen on the autism spectrum.  The streaming giant announced that “Atypical” will also be getting a second season with 10 episodes.  Learn more about the innovative new series and why you need to see it.

Creating Hope and Independence

Sunflower Hill is the recipient of a Non-Profit of the Year Award.  They are helping so many different people, but one of the main reasons this farm is so impactful is that its helping special needs adults gain “greater independence and community connection.”  Read more about how they are changing lives and to see all the plans this nonprofit has to make even more impact.

Rookie Cop of the Year

Watch this incredible video of a rookie police officer saving a suicidal man that was hanging out the window of his 8th story apartment.

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