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Daily “Good News” articles to provide you with inspiration and hope that there is still good in the world. People from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good, and so can you!

Three Little Words

After the unexpected passing of their founder, Dr. Brandt Skincare started the Dr. Brandt Foundation “creating a national dialogue about mental health concerns.” And as a part of that initiative, they launched the “Say I Love You” campaign for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Read more on how you can get involved and help save a life with three little words.


Coping In a Digital Age

The Department of Education in England is rolling out a new curriculum to help teenagers cope with the pressures they face in this modern tech age. “The new syllabus will teach children strategies for dealing with stress triggered specifically by social media and interacting with others.”

Not So Secret

This Secret Service officers service reaches far beyond the White House. Watch how his “secret” act of kindness was caught on tape.  Sometimes good can’t be kept secret.


Animals Have Rights

PETA and the photographer whose camera a monkey used to take a selfie have reached a settlement. The photographer will “donate 25 percent of future revenue from the photos to groups that protect crested macaques and their habitat in Indonesia.” At the end of the day, it is a big win for everybody, especially the monkeys.

Miracle Baby

Read the incredible survival story of a “micro-preemie baby” born weighing barely over 1 lb. This baby defied all odds and that is simply a miracle.


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