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The “Me Too” Movement Is Encouraging Sexual Assault Survivors

After celebrity Alyssa Milano sent out her tweet encouraging women to spread awareness of the severity of sexual violence and harassment, the hashtag #MeToo went viral. Tarana Burke, the woman who came up with the phrase 10 years ago, is being recognized for her activism over the years. Hear about Tarana’s incredible story and all the work she has done over the last ten years that is now being more widely recognized.

Security Cameras Catch Teenage Boys Helping a Homeless Man

Three teenage boys were caught in the act of kindness, clearly not trying to bring attention to what they were doing. Their mayor thanked them for their generosity and also expressed the need for more people like them in our communities. Another great story of teenagers making a difference.

11-year-old Boy with Down Syndrome Modeling for London Based Clothing Brand

A young boy with Down Syndrome is changing the perceptions of people. His parents are very proud of him and hope this inspires others that disabilities do not have to define a person.  See just how cute and talented this kid really is.

NFL Player Donates Whole Salary To Charity

NFL player Chris Long is approaching this season in a very unselfish fashion. He is playing the entire 2017 season without collecting his salary. Instead, he is donating all of it to charities. He decided to give all of his game checks to “organizations dedicated to making education accessible for underserved youth.” Check out this inspiring story.

Group of 8th Grade Girls Organizes Benefit Concert for Cancer Patients

These young girls formulated the idea for a benefit concert in a “Caring Communities” class they are taking at Deer Park Junior High School. Its called the “Music 4 A Mission” benefit concert with a goal is to raise $20,000. All the proceeds will be donated to four students in the Deer Park community who are battling different forms of cancer. Read how these girls are building community in their hometown.

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