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When Gas is Your Buddy

With Hurricane Irma headed right toward Florida, the last thing residents need is to worry about gas running out, which has been a problem.  Fortunately, there is an app for that called GasBuddy, which Governor Rick Scott has endorsed for residents to use in order to evacuate effectively and find stations with gas to sell.

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Better Than Starbucks

Amy Wright, who has 2 children with special needs, started a coffee shop that employs over 40 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  “It’s more than a cup of coffee, it’s a human rights movement.”

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Coast Gaurd to The Rescue

Real life heroes reunite with children they saved during Harvey.  Witness the amazing story of how the Coast Guard carried out a daring mission dubbed “mission impossible,” saving 33 stranded children with kidney failure in Southeast Texas.

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This Is How You Drone

The American Red Cross is launching the first drone disaster relief program in the US. If the test works in Texas this week, then they will use the same program to help in Florida.

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