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Dreamers Don’t Stop Dreaming

California lawmakers and governor Jerry Brown are fighting back against the recent legislation, in order to keep the dream alive for immigrants and their families.  California is home to more than 2.5 million immigrants who lack legal residency status and they need all the help they can get right now.  See how hundreds of tech leaders are also speaking up for the “Dreamers.”

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Chance Has Done it Again

Chance the Rapper is becoming one of the biggest proponents, activists, and supporters of education, especially in Chicago.  Learn about his latest idea: an award show for teachers, principals, and student leaders.

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How to Cope in the Midst of The Storm

The Autism Society of Texas is helping special needs families cope in this difficult time. Providing all sorts of helpful resources in the form of a sensory support bag.

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Tiny People Building Tiny Homes

Elvis Summers has spent more than two years building tiny, portable homes to help house LA homeless population. Now he recruited a group of fourth and fifth-grade children to aid his mission.

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Dreams Do Come True

Jake Olsen, who has been blind since he was 12-years old, played in his first live football game snapping the ball for USC.  “It means the world to me knowing that I can and have inspired many through this experience,” Olsen stated.

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