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Daily “Good News” articles to provide you with inspiration and hope that there is still good in the world. People from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good, and so can you!

They Invented The Weekend

In honor of labor day, here are 10 reasons to be grateful for the labor movement and unions.  Click here for a little historical good news, to provide context for all that gratitude you should now feel.

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A Monstrous Amount of Good Being Done in Houston

Off-roading and smashing cars is not all these trucks are good for.  See how this Texan puts a monster truck to good work.

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Have You Ever Felt Limited

There are “No Limits” for this non-profit camp and its campers; children who have lost limbs or were born without them.

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When a Seemingly Bad Situation Takes a Turn for The Best

A couple almost lost their home, but thanks to this non-profit, they got to stay. Read the incredible story here.

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