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National Guard Teams Up With Locals to Rescue 1000 people

“Watching others bring victims to safety.. showed how much heart people really have and that they don’t just depend on us to do the work alone, …All help is worth a hand in a time of need.”

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Meanwhile, Twitter Becomes More Relevant Than Ever

Learn how the Mumbai police have been using twitter to respond quickly and help those in need during devastating floods in India.

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Now This Is How To Use Your Talent to Inspire

This Utah photographer inspires children with disabilities by transforming them into superheroes for a day.

#artdoinggood #realsuperhero #artinspires

Another Real Life Superhero Saves a Whole School

Indian policemen save the day again. Watch how this police officer takes this situation, involving a live bomb, into his bare hands and runs with it to save about 400 children.

#policedoinggood #realsuperhero  #indiansupercop #indianpolicerock

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