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Puerto Rican Man Uses Social Media to Help Reunite Families Affected By Disaster

Angel Rios Boneta has over 50 videos on his Facebook page of people in Puerto Rico stating their name and where they a from to ensure their families know they are safe. Many people have no idea about the condition and safety of their families in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the whole country. Watch how this one man’s effort and heart to help people is going viral for all the right reasons.

Postal Worker Notices Accumulated Mail and Saves A Life

This mailman saved the day by alerting officers when he noticed mail starting to pile up. Sure enough, an elderly man was in dire straits and needed help. Read how this everyday hero was able to save a life.

How a Football Player’s Tragedy Turned Into Brotherhood

Devon Gales and Marshall Morgan collided in a football game. This seemingly routine encounter on the field left Gales paralyzed. Watch this inspiring story of friendship and reconciliation.

Growing Power CEO Is Raising Up a New Generation of Growers to Feed the World

The most influential urban farmer is also creating jobs for people in food deserts. See why he also made Time’s 100 Most Influential People, and how his work extends beyond the farm.

Mark Cuban Loaned the Dallas Mavericks’ Plane for Hurricane Relief Effort

The needs in Puerto Rico cannot be met quickly enough. The Mavericks owner Mark Cuban knows this well, as one of his players, J.J. Barea, is a Puerto Rican native. He facilitated Barea bringing supplies to people in need, and Barea was able to connect with his family as well. Learn about how this team effort is helping during this hard time.

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