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Marin Fire Chief Hailed as Hero for Saving Neighborhood

Tom Welch, fire chief of Mill Valley, CA, is being praised for his heroic efforts early Monday morning. After walking outside and seeing “the wind-whipped firestorm raging toward the neighborhood”, he told his wife and kids to evacuate. Meanwhile, he stayed back and helped police and firefighters save his neighbors by kicking in doors and helping fight the flames. Tom said, “when you’re in that moment of a live fire, it goes by pretty fast… There were still homes to save; I had to move on to the next house, and then the next.” Even though he lost his own house to the flames, with the help of other firefighters they were able to save eight homes and many lives. Read the incredible story of Tom and the other brave firefighters.

Woman Who Loses Leg in Accident Starts NonProfit to Give Amputees Hope

Mona Patel was 17 when she was struck by a drunk driver, resulting in her losing her right leg. Years later she started the nonprofit, San Antonio Amputee Foundation, to help amputees rebuild their lives. “The group offers peer support, education and recreation opportunities, as well as financial assistance for basic home and car modifications and prosthetic limbs.” Watch the interview with Mona, and learn how she is giving hope to so many.

High School Quarterback Starts Nonprofit to Prevent Teen Suicides

16-year-old Luke Bottari started a nonprofit called Play for Prevention to bring awareness and get kids talking about suicide in order to prevent it. After losing a couple close friends to suicide, he decided to act. Luke, a high school quarterback at Serra High in San Mateo, has big plans for this campaign to cross over to many different sports.

Ohio State Makes Tuition Free for Low to Moderate Income Students

Ohio State University is making some great steps that will help ensure all students get a chance to accomplish their dreams by continuing in their education. A new program being rolled out by the school will fill any financial aid gaps for in-state students from low to moderate income families who will have the full cost of tuition and fees covered. Learn more about this inspiring program.

Stranger on Train Helps Mother of Child With Special Needs

Gayana was traveling by train with her two young children when her 5-year-old son with autism started having a “meltdown”. A stranger helped out and “saved the day” by playing with the kids. Hear the full story of this kind act from a random stranger.

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