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Like Uber For Refugees

These 4 undergraduate students saw a need for refugees and after researching, they came up with a solution.  “Lack of transportation robs refugees of their dignity and ability to be self-sufficient,” said Gia Farooqi, co-founder of Roshni Rides.  They created a ride-sharing service using rickshaws to take refugees to important destinations like the hospital or marketplace.  Learn how this startup works and the reason it already won a contest with a $1 million prize.

25,000 Birthdays Later

This mother of three Meg Yunn quit her job and started a non-profit to throw birthday parties for children in need.  See how she has impacted so many lives after hearing one child’s story who never celebrated her birthday.

Google Wants Your Help

This Tech giant is making efforts to help people with disabilities asking its users to tag handicap accessible areas in Google Maps.  Click here to read all about it and to see a guide on how to input the information into the app.

Teenager With Integrity

This is no ordinary teen.  See how this kids extraordinary act was caught on camera.  Someone give this kid some money.

Picking Up The Tab

After fighting a forest fire that was blazing for 5 and a half hours, these 25 firefighters were hungry. Read about how this woman’s kind gesture goes viral.

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