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Las Vegas Authorities and Bystanders Respond to Tragedy with Bravery, Love, and Compassion

In the midst of this terrible tragedy, there have been so many brave police officers and bystanders who stepped in to save people’s lives – using their cars and trucks to transport victims to hospitals, lining up to donate blood, as well as simply lending a helping hand or offering any kind of support needed. Here are some of the stories of people helping and ways you can also get involved.

Special Education Students Sell Produce They Grew Themselves

Pathways is a special education program that teaches students life skills, preparing them for life after graduation. Learn more about this program and how it is creating great opportunities for people with special needs.

Former Cancer Patient Is Now An Oncologist Leading His Field

Gregory Aune battled cancer as a sophomore in high school. After recovering, he quickly decided he wanted to practice medicine. He wants to create a better experience for cancer patients, stating “I felt like I owed it to everyone because I survived.” Hear the incredible story and the research he is doing to fight cancer with “less toxic” approaches than the chemotherapy he underwent.

Renee Zellweger Helps Volunteer and Find Homes for Rescued Animals After Harvey

The Animal Rescue Group was surprised to find that the Oscar winner Renee Zellweger had been volunteering and helping for several hours until someone noticed. She spent days in the Houston area helping out at different shelters and also personally found homes for at least 8 animals. Read more about how much Renee really cares about these animals.

Milwaukee New Key Shaped Parking Meters Aimed To End Homelessness

The City introduces these stylish meters as the “Key to Change” homelessness with 100% of the proceeds going to housing-first and assistance programs. Read more about the city’s plan to “end chronic homelessness.”

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