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Daily “Good News” articles to provide you with inspiration and hope that there is still good in the world. People from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good, and so can you!

Know Home

This Israeli woman knows what it is like to not have a home, spending her teenage years homeless. After she got her life together, Mariuma Ben Yosef, started opening up her home to homeless teens, feeding them and providing shelter.  This kindness lead her to creating the Shanti House, an organization with 2 separate campus locations, which have helped over 46,000 young people.  Learn more about this incredibly impactful organization and how you can help support.  


Pen Pals

Marleen Brooks received a letter in the mail from a 90 year old woman, asking for friend. Marleen’s response went above and beyond just befriending this woman.  She also started a group called Pen Pals for Seniors to make sure no one is left isolated.  Watch the incredible story here.


After these two moms became friends they realized that gratitude and giving back had been absent from their favorite holiday.  Inspired to teach their kids the reason for the season, they thought of a product, called Turkey On the Table. Hear the inspirational story of how they turned their idea into a successful business that gives back in so many ways.


Amazon Cares

As the e-commerce giant continues to expand it hasn’t forgotten how to give back.  Amazon headquarters in Seattle has been providing a building they own to a homeless shelter for free.  Now that they are building a bigger campus, they decided to continue their gesture and also build a bigger space for the shelter. “It will be rent-free with utilities paid. Forever.”

Just Do It

The Nike Co-founder, Phil Knight and wife Penny are America’s biggest givers.  They gave just shy of a $1 billion dollars to charity in 2016.  Learn about how this power couple just do it bigger than everyone else.


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