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“Community MVP”

The NFL Players Association honors Colin Kaepernick with $10,000 dollars to give to his favorite charity, naming him the “community mvp”. Regardless of how you may feel about the 49ers former QB, he is making waves through his activism and charitable giving to underserved communities. Click here to see just how much this 29-year old star is giving back.


Educators Prioritized

Learn about what The San Francisco school board along with the city are doing, so that teachers can afford to reside in San Francisco.  The plan that is being implemented has been in the making for years.

Deep Cleaning

This month firefighters throughout the UK are washing cars for charity. This is not your average car wash folks. Click here for the full story.


NBA’s Soft Spot

The Warriors and Miami Heat welcome animals that were displaced by Hurricane Irma. If you are an animal lover than this story is a must read.

Real Friends

Selena Gomez has been battling severe health challenges for years. Hear the incredible story of how her best friend saved her life.


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