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College Student Raises $82,000 for Puerto Rico Through Crowdfunding Campaign

Rosana Guernica, a junior at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, raised $7,000 dollars in 24 hours on the YouCaring Crowdfunding site. Her campaign for Puerto Rico was shared 1,800 times on Facebook and raised tens of thousands of dollars. She reserved a plane and transported thousands of pounds of emergency supplies to Puerto Rico. Hear the whole story and see how you can care too.

Malala: Hero Who Spoke Up for Women’s Education, Now Student at Oxford

The whole world remembers the story of the young girl Malala Yousafzai who spoke up about girls’ right to an education. As a result, she was shot by the Taliban but miraculously survived. Last week, she attended her first class at Oxford on the anniversary of the shooting. Read the full story here.

Refugee Who Went from Dishwasher to Millionaire CEO

In 1992 Tashitaa Tufaa arrived in the United States from Ethiopia, fleeing political persecution. Upon arriving in America, he faced a lot of adversity. There was a point at which he held three jobs at once, only making $5.62 an hour. After persevering for years, he became the CEO of a transportation company. Read more about his incredible journey.

Cubs Fans Help Elderly Couple Enjoy Game

At a recent playoff game between the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals, Lauren Hinkston Hintzsche noticed something purely amazing. The gentlemen sitting next to them helped an elderly couple who was having trouble getting to their seats. They also supported the man helping him to his feet at times to stand and cheer. Read about how supported and encouraged this couple felt.

Woman Becomes Nurse at Hospital Where She Received Treatment

24 year old Georgia resident Montana Brown was diagnosed with cancer twice – once at the age of two and the second time at age 15. She decided she wanted to have a career in something that would enable her to give back. Last year she graduated with a nursing degree from Augusta University. Learn more about this inspirational story.

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