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Cam Newton Is Community MVP As Health Advocate, Mentor, and Making Wishes Come True for Youth.

Professional football player and former NFL MVP, Cam Newton does more than just make plays on the field. His life off the field involves making time for his community, especially with youth. He has started his own foundation, partnering with Make A Wish, the 5210 program, and 7-on-7 tournaments. Watch how the former NFL MVP does it.

New PE Program Connects General Education and Special Education Students

This school in Waco, Texas started a new inclusive PE program for GE and Special education students to build relationships.  The hope is that middle school kids in GE will also learn empathy and compassion. Read the whole story here.

Love Conquers Hate for this Former White Supremacist

This former white supremacist changes his ways and removes his tattoos.  He feels indebted to his African American probation officer who befriended him and changed his life.  Watch the incredibly transformative story here.

A 6-year-old Helps Hurricane Victims by Donating Stuffed Animals

After hearing about the people affected by these hurricanes, 6-year-old Jenna decided to help.  This little girl had an idea that turned into a mini-movement by donating stuffed animals.  Read the full story of “Jenna’s Hugs after Hurricanes!”

Stephen Colbert’s Creates Awkward Childhood Photo Challenge for Hurricane Relief

Colbert, with his always inventive and humorous style, gets another laugh, but this time it’s for a good cause.  Watch this segment and how he his donating to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico every time celebrities send him these funny photos.

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