Only The Good Stuff

Here you’ll find daily “Good News” articles whose purpose is to provide you with the hope and inspiration that there is still good in this world. That people from all walks of life are making an impact by doing good and so can you.

Cambodian Girls Develop Mobile App To Fight Poverty

In Mountain View California, a global Technovation competition brought girls from all around the world to pitch their mobile app ideas and business plans.  Learn how 5 young Cambodian girls are not only inspiring more women to consider a career in tech, but also innovate to changes lives.

Charity Launches New Suicide Prevention Campaign

One of the most important thing that people suffering from mental illness need, is someone to listen. Samaritans Charity in the UK and Ireland launch a suicide prevention campaign called “We Listen.”

Setting The Philanthropy Pace By Giving Billions

Being more well known for his charity than his software these days, Bill Gates is the pacesetter in philanthropy. He recently unveiled a new campaign where he will donate 4.6 billion dollars to battle malaria.

Non-Profit Pub Pouring Beer With Purpose

Oregon Public House is the first Non-Profit pub in the world. It has raised over $140,000 for various charities since its opening.

New Shelter in Texas provides hope for battered women and children

Dallas-Based Domestic Violence Prevention Agency opens new shelter for women and children. They have already helped hundreds of thousands through the services they provide.


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