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Girl with Cerebral Palsy Given Wheelchair Accessible Playground

7 year-old Lily Courtney was born with cerebral palsy and has always sat on the sidelines and watched other kids like her brother and sister have all the fun on the playground. Now thanks to Make A Wish Foundation and local companies in her hometown, she can play, slide and swing. Watch the video here to see just how overjoyed she is.

MLB Pitcher Donates Mansion to Charity for Kids with Special Needs

Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife, Heidi decided they wanted to give more than just a paycheck and donated their 10 million dollar mansion instead. They donated it to Camp Barnabas, a non-profit organization supporting individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses for the past 24 years. Click here to read the full story.

Former Prison Chef Gets Second Chance and Opens New Restaurant

Candido Ortiz served more than 26 years of a 49-year federal sentence in prison was released last December. Thanks to an executive order by President Barack Obama releasing him and other inmates serving lengthy drug sentences. Ortiz is opening a restaurant now and is grateful that he gets a second chance at life. “He said Tuesday that he’s looking forward to giving back to the community and says he’s a changed man.”

Tea Company Goes Above and Beyond Fair Trade

Tiesta Tea company co-founders decided to go above and beyond fair trade practices and actually give back directly. They decided to do something after learning that the average distance someone must walk to get water is 2-3 km in Jigawa, Nigeria, where they get their hibiscus tea from. They traveled to the town and were able to give the village access to clean drinking water system thanks to The Living Well project. Learn about their whole journey here.

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