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Founder of “Haircuts for the Homeless” Gets Gifted a Barbershop

Brennon Jones, who has given free haircuts to over 1,000 homeless people during the past year, has inspired the people of Philadelphia. A stranger decided to give Brennon a barbershop free of charge in order to carry on his mission. “Haircuts for Homeless” has been a major success and help for so many homeless people. See how Brennon is using his talent to make impact in his community.

Man Drives Two hours to Search for Missing Girl

When an Alabama man Eric heard that 3 year-old Serenity Dawn Sanders went missing, his heart “just fell out on the floor.” The police were calling off their search until the next morning, but Eric was not going to stop until he found her. After a few hours of searching in the woods and calling her name, he thankfully found the young girl and brought her safely back home to her mother. Read the full story here.

Young Girl with Prosthetic Arm Throws Out First Pitch in World Series

7 year-old Hailey has a dream to throw out the first pitch at every major league ballpark. She uses a 3D printed robotic hand due to a congenital defect that left her with only 2 fingers. This didn’t stop her from throwing the first pitch at Game 4 of the World Series.

11 Year-Old Reacts with Pure Joy After Learning She Is Going to Be Adopted

11 year-old Tannah Butterfield jumped for joy when she learned she was going to be adopted. Her school’s security camera caught the moment on tape. Click here to see what “pure joy” looks like.

Kitchen Allows Customers to Pay-It-Forward

The Himalayan Heritage restaurant in Washington D.C. is transformed during lunchtime into Karma Kitchen. Karma Kitchen was first started in 2007 in Berkeley, California by Indian-born Nipun Mehta, calling it “a volunteer-driven experiment in generosity.” Customers order Indian food for free and can have as many servings as they like. At the end of their meal, they are presented with a $0 bill with the following note: “Pay-it-forward for a future guest. You may leave an anonymous contribution in this envelope. Thank you!” Learn more about this idea that has now spread across the globe.

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